Since being elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2002, our State has undergone tremendous changes. I remain focused on lowering taxes for all North Carolinians and bringing more jobs to Cleveland County. I have knocked on almost every door in Cleveland County, continue to talk to citizens across the district, and I listen to what you have to say. Many of you have shared common sense ideas that I worked to help spur economic growth in the private sector, reduce the tax burden, and protect your freedoms against the over regulation of state government. More »

Rep. Tim Moore named Speaker Designee

Asheboro, NC – On Saturday, the North Carolina House Republican Caucus voted to elect their leaders for the next biennium session of the North Carolina General Assembly. Rep. Tim Moore was elected to be the Speaker of the House nominee by the Republican Caucus.

“With a successful November election behind us and new leadership in place, I am anxious to continue to do the work the people elected me to do and to continue to implement policies in the Long Session that move our state forward,” said Speaker Designee Tim Moore. “I am committed to improving North Carolina through greater economic opportunity, less burdensome regulations and a new vision for educating and equipping our students. We cannot forget the great responsibility that the voters have entrusted with us. I intend to serve the people of North Carolina as a solutions based leader of this institution who values conservative ideals and stands for common sense governing.”

After 2 years of growth, the House is looking to continue some of its reforms and initiatives. “We’ve paid off nearly $2 billion in debt owed to the federal government, reformed an outdated tax system that now puts more money in the pockets of North Carolinians, given educators a substantial pay raise, and taken an active look at some of the most burdensome regulations facing businesses across North Carolina. We also acted on the voter’s will by improving the real and perceived integrity of our elections with common sense changes that place us in the mainstream of states on election administration and procedure,” said Speaker Designee Tim Moore.

Laura’s Law: Wreck that claimed Gaston teen’s life inspires DWI crackdown

When a 17-year-old girl lost her life at the hands of a habitual drunken driver, state Rep. Tim Moore got mad. When he learned that those convicted of driving while impaired could be released from prison after serving a fraction of their sentences, he put his anger into action. More »

General Assembly Adjourns

After a whirlwind short session, we adjourned sine die Saturday morning, July 10th at 5:33 a.m. The last day of session started at 10:00 a.m. Friday morning and ran until 5:33 a.m. Saturday with a break for lunch and dinner. More »

Sex Offender Loophole Closed

The short session of the General Assembly is scheduled to end either tomorrow or Saturday. This has been a very hectic week with committee meetings and long sessions.

As a primary sponsor of House Bill 726, I am pleased to report the bill passed the House Tuesday and has gone to the Governor for her signature. The new law will close the sex offender loophole in the state sex offender registry. We want to make sure those sex offenders who are on the national sex offender registry who are living in North Carolina are also on our state sex offender registry. More »